Addictive Designs is based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. 

We believe that simple is best. We currently operate from home base BUT.. we are getting ready to branch out and travel across North America to share our vision with others. 

Part of the mission is to connect to each and everyone of you that add value to the structure of the bigger unified idea; that being we who are recovering have purpose, drive and ambition. That we too can be successful in our Goals and amongst society. Quite simply.. we will not give up. 

The 'little white t-shirt' has attitude and confidence now, we wear ours with PRIDE and DETERMINATION to stand true to ourselves. 

We love that you have something to add to the vision of Unity and that Addictive Designs  has no borders. There is a message for everyone who is spread across the World. 

It is true.. one is NEVER enough.